The two main forms of armor in Westeros are chain and plate, though leather armors are also available.

Leather Armor

Stiff, boiled leathers that provide some measure of protection. Better than nothing, though many nobles would rather go into battle wearing nothing than wearing something this crude and common.

Heavy Leathers: 1, Arms, Body.
Studded Leathers: 1, Arms, Body, Legs.

Chainmail Armor

Interlinking metal rings that do a wonderful job of blocking oncoming strikes. The most common form of armor in Westeros. More advanced forms of chainmail use small metal scales laid into a overlaying pattern which provides strength and flexibility.

Chainmail Hood: 1, Head.
Chainmail Bracers: 1, Arms.
Chainmail Cloak: 1, Arms, Body, Legs.
Scalemail Vest: 2, Body.
Scalemail Cloak: 2, Arms, Body, Legs.
Scalemail Coat: 2, Arms, Body.
Full Scale Suit: 3, All.

Platemail Armor

Strong, folded metal sheets laid over chainmail creating the ultimate form of Westerosi protection at the cost of some agility. More advanced forms of platemail cover the entire body in steel leaving no part of the body vulnerable to attack.

Plate Helm: 3, Head.
Plate Gauntlets: 4, Arms.
Plate Greaves: 4, Legs.
Half-Plate Suit: 4, All.
Breastplate: 5, Body.
Full Plate: 5, All.


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