Lord Ryker Barrimoor

The new Lord of House Barrimoor



WS: 51 BS: 31 S: 37 T: 38 AG: 36 INT: 31 PER: 36 WP: 36 FEL: 30

Weapon Skill

Animal Ken +0
Awareness +0
Intimidation +0
Linguistics (Westrosi) +0
Parry +0
Scholastic Lore (Westrosi Tactics) +0
Ride +10

Die Hard
Quick Draw
Skilled Rider
Street Fighter
Sure Strike
Weapon Training (Sword, pole arm)

WOUNDS: __/17

Half- 3
Full- 6
Charge- 9
Run- 18


XP: 750/750


Dueling Blade
Class: Sword
Damage: 1 D10+2 R
Penetration: 4
Special Traits: Best Quality, Balanced

Class: Pole Arm
Damage: 1 D10+1 R
Penetration: 0
Range: 1
Special Traits: Good Quality, Reach

Suit of Full Plate: +5 Soak

Noble Clothing
Good-quality shield with house emblem
Riding Horse
Good-quality Keep
1 trained hunting falcon and glove


Lord Ryker Barrimoor is the only son and eldest born of Lord Ryan Barrimoor and Lady Sierra Lannister. He favors the Lannister look with his dark blond hair, blue eyes, and sharp features. But favors the Barrimoor line in all other respects.

He is slightly taller than most men and broad of shoulder. After decades of training in swordsmanship he has developed a lean muscled physique, a sturdy posture, and subtle grace about his movements.

If he is the strength and power reflected in the newest generation of House Barrimoor, his younger sister is its’ heart and soul. Louisa is a beauty with whom few can compare and even fewer can surpass. She is in every way her mother’s daughter. Social, self serving, out going, and always there to remind her brother that presentation matters.

He has always been protective of his sister and now that he is responsible for the arrangement of her marriage, he finds himself dreading it. The man must be of high birth, the Lord of an exceptional keep, a good provider, a strong-willed father, and one who would cut off his own hand should he ever strike her. Oh, and then there is the matter of political connections, heraldry, liege lines, and of course power. Where is he to find a husband worthy of his only sister?

Harrenhall has fallen and with it, the last real hope of re-establishing the Lannister line to the throne. It has now been 80 long years since King Tomen sat upon the throne. Tomen was a good King, but too trusting of his advisors. With each bad decision and every passing season, the enemy grew stronger. Now the enemy is at the gate and it will not hold.

It has fallen to Ryker and the rest of the Lords to quell the enemies blood lusts and reach an accord. Amazing how he never realized what it was he was actually fighting for. It wasn’t to capture a chair for a man he had never met. It wasn’t because of the heresy practiced by the enemy. It wasn’t for fame, glory, power, or faith. It was for peace. Peace in Westros. Peace achieved through the binding of the Seven Kingdoms under one leader. Peace only a true King could manifest. He will fight for peace.

Lord Ryker Barrimoor

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