The dales of House Barrimoor


Characteristics: +3 Strength, Toughness, Agility, +2 Weapon Skill, -3 Ballistic Skill,
Starting Skills: Linguistics (Westerosi), Ride, Animal Ken
Talents: Catfall, Die Hard, Street Fighting, Skilled Rider
Starting Aptitude: Agility
Wounds: +2 wounds.

Other traits: +10 to any Knowledge, Survival or Trade checks involving domestic beasts or food crops; -10 to Scrutiny checks made to oppose Deceive checks; gains twice the amount of Insanity points the first time they are gained; increase movement after a Strike & Fade attack by twice the mount’s agility bonus.

House Lands: Bread Basket
Populous: Optimistic
Regiment: Calvary
Special Training: Hardened Fighters, Skirmishers

Good Keep


The dales of House Barrimoor

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